Appreciating Retirement

.Appreciating retirement is a gift.  Apparently not everyone thinks retirement is all that it’s cracked up to be and I continue to be amazed at how many people find this part of their life to be a disappointment.  That is very sad.  Many people work all their lives to get to a point where they can sit back and enjoy what they built over the years only to find out it isn’t what they expected it to be.  This website was created to address that situation and I firmly believe there’s enough guidance and information contained within these pages to address anyone’s predicament whether they’re single, married, divorced, rich, poor and anything in between.

Have no doubt, there is a secret to appreciating retirement but it’s very much related to enjoying life itself and finding fulfillment in each day.  To not enjoy retirement is like being handed a gift and not appreciating it.  Can you imagine the disappointment a child would feel if they worked all year to save up for a birthday present for their father or mother only to have their parent toss it aside with a halfhearted “thank you”?  Too many people feel that sadness and live each day of retirement with the haunting question: is that all there is?

If you get to your second stage in life and struggle to get through each day, that has to be very depressing.  I am truly thankful to be fully enjoying my retirement but also believe that it is in everyone’s grasp to do the same thing.  It might take a little work and require a bit of effort, but I can guarantee that it will move you down the path to fully appreciating retirement.  This website can help and guide you, but the only one who can make it happen is you.

Appreciating Retirement Can Start Right Now!

You will need to do a thorough examination of what makes you tick!  What has given you enjoyment in the past?  How is your social life?  What interests do you have?  Where would you like to travel?  Just as you plan a vacation, you need to plan out your days so that every day is almost like being on vacation and there are things you like to do so much you can’t wait to get out of bed each morning and start doing them!  Appreciating retirement is as easy as that!

Please don’t tell me you have no interests!  It’s impossible.  No one gets to be our age without having something that they look back on with pleasure whether it’s a hobby, sport, reading, cooking or just having a discussion with friends.  There is a way to put more enjoyment into your life and it’s worth doing just about anything to make it happen.  Life is a gift, and the retirement stage of life is, in some ways, the greatest gift of all.  The pleasures of life become even greater when you don’t take them for granted and learn to savor them.  I don’t just drink my coffee in the morning – I enjoy it in a very leisurely manner and just take a moment to appreciate the fact that I have no meetings or conference calls and none of the arduous tasks I used to hate when I worked for a living.  I’m very appreciative for the job that I had but nothing is better for me than to have complete control over my day.  Appreciating retirement is something that came easy to me because I prepared for it.  Not just the financial planning but also the one aspect that many people forget about: planning how you’re going to use all of that free time!

Throughout this website we discuss hobbies and travel and all kinds of other subjects that might be of interest to you.  The most important, however, may be about finding fulfillment in your golden years.  Developing an appreciation for our incredible world and the amazing gift of life have been the secret for me and I think it can be for you as well.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life.

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