Retirement Hobbies Are One of Life's Great Pleasures

Let’s begin by apologizing for the title Retirement Hobbies because it might tend to belittle the subjects contained in this section.  For many people, being able to devote more time to one of these activities might be the main attraction of this stage in their lives.  We understand that completely.  There is nothing more enjoyable than looking forward to spending a day involved in a passion that gives you such great pleasure.

The term hobbies can apply to any number of activities from the quiet to the rambunctious.  From gardening to coin collecting, from reading to race car driving, you’ll find retirees enjoying themselves in a wide variety of pursuits that can, at times, be all consuming.

Enjoying fine wine or delicious dining can be among the most enjoyable activities and it can cover an entire range.  From wine tasting and collecting to just learning more about wine, you can spend hours enjoying the contents of a fine bottle of wine.  From cooking in the kitchen, or hosting a dinner party, dozens of wonderful evenings with friends and family can be enhanced through your acquired skills in the kitchen or your knowledge of the spirits.  And when add you add produce from your own garden or grapes from your vineyard, then you are truly a well-rounded individual Thomas Jefferson himself would admire.  It's amazing how an interest in a hobby can blossom into a new lifestyle in retirement.

Some Retirement Hobbies Become A Passion

Golf, for one, provides endless pleasure and might be a lifelong focus that becomes an obsession.  It’s a great way to stay fit, make friends and provides almost endless pleasure.  For many, it becomes one of the themes of their travel and, yet for many, it’s something they’ve never done but always wanted to.  We’ll treat golf like we do many of the other subjects found in this website by providing information for any level of interest.  From beginning lessons to features on other aspects of the sport, you’ll find that this site can act as a guide as you explore the possibilities of this wonderful phase of your life.

Tennis is probably second to golf in terms of popular retirement hobbies but there is another sport that is gaining in popularity very quickly.  Pickleball is getting very popular among retirees as well as every other age group as well.  It doesn’t take a lot of equipment and it gives you a good workout without straining your muscles the way tennis sometimes can.  There are also some hobbies that require less action.

For many, photography is also that type of hobby that was always there as a future activity if you ever found the time.  Well, now you have that time.  We’ll introduce surprising aspects for activities like this one by raising the possibility that you might even make money at it.  You may find it to be a pretty interesting way to supplement your income and even pay for some of your travel.

The same is true for writing, if that's something that interests you. Whether you want to write the great American novel, or feel your life would make a great memoir, there is something very fulfilling when you sit down and tell the story that only you can tell. You'll discover a pleasure in having a reader tell you that they appreciated what you had to say and even inspire others to do the same. Here, again, is a hobby or an interest that may actually provide a potential income and something you can combine with travel and other activities.

Have you always been handy around the house? Woodworking can be one of the most fulfilling and useful of all the retirement hobbies there are. Woodworking and furniture making are very Popular activities that can be very rewarding. We know someone who has a whole floor of their house furnished with the things that he made in his little shop. He works with friends and shares tools and has even coached others in this very fulfilling hobby.

Is there a hidden theater critic in you? Do you love plays and movies? Perhaps you've even had a dream of performing or writing a song. This is the hour! We'll introduce you to people who've turned their passion into something more than that – a retirement Career! We know someone who joined a little band of musicians and now performs in Irish pubs in the area where he lives. While he has no desire to turn professional, we know others who have and spend many a pleasant evening performing in bars and restaurants. They have their own websites and their own recordings. Does that sound impossible? With the technology that exists today, it's relatively easy and we'll explore ways to get started.

Do you like to draw or paint?  Has sketching ever appealed to you.  You would be very surprised at the number of famous people who have taken up painting as a hobby only to find that it became one of their great pleasures in life.

And that's just the beginning! It's time to look into your memory bank and explore your hidden desires. Retirement hobbies are not only richly rewarding, some of them can actually provide you with an income! This time in your life is truly a gift and it's time to fully explore how you can Enjoy Retired Life to the fullest.

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