Photography Can Be a Great
Retirement Hobby

Photography has almost become a national pastime.  With the advancements made in mobile phones, the quality of the pictures being taken has improved tremendously.  In the past, it took a significant investment in cameras and lenses to be able to take a picture that would catch someone’s eye.  That is no longer the case.  With the automatic exposure system and the lens quality that has been added to the mobile phones of today, the pictures that are being produced with a simple “click” are absolutely amazing and there is more than one professional photographer who has felt the pressure of staying ahead of the game.

But, for many of us baby boomer retirees who came of age with film and SLR cameras, there is a little bit of a longing for the old days of perfect light and f-stop control.  The hobby has changed tremendously but there is no reason not to consider it as a hobby that will fascinate and challenge you to no end.  The digital cameras are quite amazing and the speed and flexibility they bring to the art of taking the perfect photo is an absolute wonder and worth exploring if taking the perfect picture is still a cause for excitement.  I know it is for me.

Moving from the world of film to the digital age necessitated some additional learning but it was a process that I found to be very enjoyable.  Indeed, a whole new world opened up with the digital format and the computer software that can turn an ordinary photograph into a work of art.  Some of the free software that is available is very powerful and will keep you occupied for many hours.  More than one person I know has turned their digital photography into a canvas masterpiece that is both striking to the observer and tremendously satisfying for the creator.

Photography Can Be Profitable

As with almost any hobby, developing a talent in the field can lead to a money-making opportunity.  Or, at the very least, help you write off trips as you photograph your way through a tour of the world.  There is definitely a market for your work, even if you don’t want to take up photography full time.  When you pair this hobby with writing, you may find it’s easier than you think to prepare a complete travel article and find yourself paying for your journeys in the process.

Whatever your objective is, taking the time to explore the world of photography is time well spent.  We have been in several galleries that feature the work of local photographers and there’s a real sense of pride as you listen to the details of how they happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture the picture.  Many people take their best shots and put them in little books that preserve their memories.  We have been fortunate to travel for our first three winters of retirement and have created an album for each sojourn that preserves those wonderful experiences.

With the ability to turn those digital photographs into a work of art on canvas, we know many people who have decorated their walls with their own work. Every picture on this website is something we have taken ourselves.  We don’t do it for the art, we do it for the memories so, although you won’t see museum quality pictures here, there’s a story behind every photo and a memory we will always cherish.

Photography can be so much more than just a hobby.  Creating something that draws praise from the observer gives you a sense of accomplishment that you will never get tired of.  It gives you the desire to do more and to learn how to do it even better.  Photography can bring you a tremendous amount of pleasure and be one more way to Enjoy Retired Life.

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