Retirement Gardening can be
Enjoyable and Beneficial

Retirement gardening is extremely popular and it’s easy to see why.  Almost every child planted seeds of some kind either as a part of a school experiment or a parent/child activity.  It was pretty amazing to me to see something sprout out of the dirt from a little seed and, somehow, the vegetables almost seemed to taste better if they came out of your own garden.  But the fact is, retirement gardening is one of the best things you can do for a lot of reasons.

Certainly the produce you grow is fresher and the purity is “guaranteed” because you, as the gardener, will be careful to keep your garden organic and not use harmful sprays.  There is a thrill to serve a salad where all the ingredients have come from your own garden.  Home grown tomatoes, for example, have developed such a following there are even contests for the best ones.  Nothing tastes better than a fresh picked piece of fruit or vegetable from right outside your door.  Even better, the fruit and produce are usually a notch above what you can buy in a grocery store and at a cheaper price.  Yes, growing things in your own garden can help cut your food costs.

But, retirement gardening is also a good thing to do physically because of the exercise and even mentally because of the planning and organization skills that are involved.  The activity level is light so that can be a way to get a little exercise in an almost painless way.  You’ll know why it’s “almost painless” after your first day of hauling soil and lifting flowerpots.  The mental aspect of retirement gardening is often overlooked but anything that forces you to plan and organize will help keep you mentally active.

Retirement gardening does not have to be limited to vegetables or fruit by any means.  The flowers and shrubs that you plant can also bring a tremendous sense of satisfaction as you watch the trees and plants bloom with vibrant colors.  That’s the design aspect of retirement gardening really comes into play.  Coordinating the timing and colors across your property takes work and a little bit of research.  A nice garden can be a wonder to behold.  We live in a wonderful little community where people take their gardening seriously and it can be quite impressive when you see the work that goes into beautifully manicured properties.  That’s another hidden benefit of retirement gardening, a nicely landscaped property can increase the value of the house quite nicely when it comes time to sell

Retirement Gardening Is A Gift

Retirement gardening is a wonderful pastime to start or maintain as you look for ways to Enjoy Retired Life.  It’s truly a gift that you not only give to yourself but to others as well.  You gain even more of an appreciation for the beautiful world we live in. You’ll find the hobby to be extremely popular and there are many clubs that are formed if that’s what you’re looking for.  Nearly every senior citizen center will have a local chapter and it’s a great way to meet new friends, learn new things and stay mentally and physically active.

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