Writing Can Be A Very Enjoyable Retirement Activity

Writing can be one of the most fulfilling activities in anyone’s life.  Many people who retire find it to be a tremendous outlet for their emotions.  For some, it’s the return to something that they always wanted to do but never had the time.  And for a few, it’s a way to add to their retirement income in a way that is meaningful and rewarding.

Your writing can take many forms.  It can be the occasional letter to the editor to express an opinion.  I do that all the time.  It helps me express myself in a way that forces me to think through what I am feeling and, if there is any trace of anger, the act of putting pen to paper is helpful in dissipating that sometimes destructive emotion.  Abraham Lincoln wrote letters that he never sent because it was a way to get control of his emotions and not hurt the feelings of the person who was the intended recipient.  I’m not quite as strong as Mr. Lincoln – I usually mail the letter in to the editor.  I try never to make it personal, just an honest expression of a differing opinion.

While writing can help your emotional health and wellbeing, it can pay real financial dividends as well.  Many retirees pursue a career in writing of some kind.  Many people who enjoy writing feel they have a novel inside of them.  And why not?  While the Ernest Hemingways and Stephen Kings are few in number, anyone can be taught to write a piece of prose or fiction that is not only readable but will be received enthusiastically by the public.  Writing at the artistic level is a gift that not many are born with but creating readable fiction or non-fiction is a skill that can be learned.

Writing Can Be Very Rewarding

There is a tremendous sense of satisfaction in seeing your words in print and responded to by the reader.  It is a very rewarding experience to turn an idea into a composition and even more so when you receive financial compensation for something you enjoyed doing.  Have you ever read an article that convinced you to try something?  Perhaps visit a location or try out a restaurant?  Someone had to write that article and the question is why can’t you be that person?

Did you ever make up a story?  Of course you have.  Your childhood was filled with times you imagined different scenarios and created your own world with friends or family members or even by yourself.  How many hours did you pass in the world of make believe that you created?  It’s probably bringing a smile to your face right now just recalling the games you used to play and the stories you used to tell.  Writing is taking that one step further and putting it down on paper in such a way that you bring those smiles to someone else’s face: your readers!  You can be paid very well if you have the willingness to learn the skill of writing.

The field is so large it’s almost impossible to list every way you can make money writing if that is what you have in mind.  This website is my form of writing for my enjoyment and, hopefully, yours.  There is no reason you can’t do the same or take up any other form of writing there is. 


Did you get a piece of advertising in the mail today?  Someone wrote it.  Did you visit a website today?  Someone wrote the content.  Did you listen to the radio or watch TV and hear a commercial?  Someone wrote that as well.  The field is large, and material is always in demand.  With the increased usage of the internet, content has become a prized commodity.

There is almost no end to the possibilities.  Become a critic and review anything from restaurants to movies to cruise ships.  Become a travel writer and fund your excursions or copywriter for advertisers and command fees that could put you into a six-figure income.  Or create the fictional character that will be the next Harry Potter or James Bond.  You may not build the multi-million-dollar empires that some authors have, but you will find tremendous enjoyment in the challenge of putting your story down on paper in a way that will have your readers turning the pages waiting to see what happens next.

Writing can be just one more retirement hobby or it can be life changing.  That’s entirely up to you.  But, if you’ve ever fantasized about being a writer, even in passing, you owe it to yourself to take the first step and try it.  As you journey down the path, you’ll find many resources to assist you.  It’s a wonderful feeling to influence someone with the words you write and it may be just the activity you need to Enjoy Retired Life.

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