Writing for Money Can
Increase Your Income in Retirement

Some people may be turned off by the idea of writing for money.  After all, writing is an art and a passion, isn’t it?  The answer is yes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make money at it.  It’s true that there are people who write just write for the love of the craft, but it’s also true that there is money to be made in a market that is growing every day and writing is something that fits in very well with the retired lifestyle we talk about on this website.

Writing for money can take any number of forms including the words you’re reading right now.  Although I’m not one of them, there are many website owners who pay people to write the content on their site.  There are people who make money writing newsletters and the advertising copy you find on the internet, and the demand for good copy is growing every day.  Someone’s got to write the content for all of these things, so why can’t it be you?

And, how about the advertisements you get in the mail?  Would it surprise you that some of these writers make six-figure incomes?  Right now, companies are looking for people who can write a convincing letter or advertisement and, once you get one client, you could be set for life.  It's a talent that can be taught and, if you like to write, you'll watch the hours pass by and the money come in.  Could you use the extra income?  Heck, some people do it just for the fun and the challenge.

Understandably, most people have other thoughts when they think of writing.  Novels, plays, short stories and magazine articles come to mind when the average person thinks of being a writer.  The world of writing is growing every single day and the demand for quality content means that there are people willing to pay an attractive salary if they can find the right person to supply that content.  So, again, the question becomes: why can’t that be you?

Clearly, the answer is that it can be.  There are ways to become proficient in the skills you need to master the art of the written word and there are organizations that are focused on creating writers who can command very attractive rates of pay if you are willing to work at it.  It may not fill your dream of writing the next great American Novel but you will find that writing for money can be a dream come true in ways that you did not imagine.

Writing for Money Can Have Added Benefits

And, by the way, you can still write that great novel.  Anything is possible – that is what I love about being retired.  The time is your own and you can experiment with new directions for your life and not have to worry about pleasing a manager or co-worker.  Many people in retirement have some kind of income to fall back on so the pressures of paying the bills are not as great and the need for money involves the extra things you want to do to enjoy life a little bit more.  Perhaps that trip or cruise you wanted to take is something you might be more likely to do if there was just a little bit more money coming in.  Writing for money could be exactly what you’re looking for.  Plus, there’s an added benefit.

Do you know how many people travel and then write about it or capture the experience with photos?  Do you know how many of them use their writing or photographs to not only pay for the trip but write it off for tax purposes?  Can you see the possibilities here?  Can you imagine booking the trip you’ve been dreaming about and then being able to write about it and pay for the trip itself and then, on top of that, deduct some of those expenses from the income you received in exchange for your article?  People are doing exactly that right now and, once more, we will ask the question: why can’t that be you?

If you become a travel writer, do you know you become part of a very exclusive group whose opinions are valued highly?  In fact, many of the top writers in the field get offered more all expense paid trips than they can possibly take – all in exchange for writing an article on their experience.

Look at all the magazines and websites devoted to travel, cruises, food, wine and dining.  It doesn’t take long to figure out that someone is writing about these wonderful experiences and they’re getting paid for it.  Yes, they’re writing for money but they’re also enhancing their lifestyle in a very nice way.  The best thing about this path is that it doesn’t require a huge investment.  Anyone can start small and stay local for a while because just about everyone lives near something that others want to see.  It’s easy to try this way of life out and see if it’s for you by writing a small article about a nearby attraction.  If this sounds appealing, take the time to explore the options and don’t be afraid to invest in a course and learn some of the basics about writing for money.  Investing in yourself is always worth it. The satisfaction you’ll get by seeing your words on the web or in print will be something you can be proud of and the money you pocket won’t be a bad thing either!  In the end, it will be one more way to Enjoy Retired Life!

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