Making Money With Photography
Is Easier Than You Might Think

It wasn’t too long ago that the best photographs or pictures required expensive equipment and waiting for the right moment.  Technology has made making money with photography a completely different proposition.  With the advent of cell phones that seem to be in the hands of just about anyone, the source for pictures has changed completely.  After all, the secret to an amazing photograph is to be in the right place at the right time and have a camera, or in this case a cell phone, nearby.  With the high-quality resolution and multiple exposure capability that many cell phones offer, nearly anyone can create a photo that someone will pay for.

Making money with photography is easier than you might think and it’s very likely that the marketplace for your photos is much larger than you might have imagined.  When you learn the secrets to creating an income through the simple act of taking a picture, you’ll be amazed at the earning potential there is for something you probably do anyway.  Why not explore the possibilities?  While most people think of magnificent sunsets, waterfalls and professional portraits as the avenue to making money, the fact is that there is a much broader market out there for your photos.

Thousands Of People Are Having Fun
Making Money With Photography

Making money from photography is something thousands of people are doing and they’re having fun doing it.  With the internet explosion, the market for photographs has gotten bigger than ever and it’s amazing how much even a simple picture can make if enough people want it.  When someone does a search for an image representing a common word such as park, beach, mountain, car or street, why can’t your image be the one they choose to illustrate their point.  I’ve had my pictures appear in magazines and on other websites and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

You can even have a website devoted to your own photography.  The internet makes your marketplace as large and as extensive as you want to make it.  One of the great thrills in life is to create something and watch it grow and that’s especially true with something that came from your thoughts and willingness to explore the possibilities.

If you’ve got photographic equipment that you haven’t used in a while, get it out!  Experiment with this great hobby of photography.  I would suggest going digital, however.  While there is something about the old 35mm cameras and using the perfect film for the perfect light, it’s far easier and much less expensive to go digital.  I prefer using a camera to a cell phone although, to be quite honest, some of the pictures on this website came from my wife’s cell phone.  I’m happy to say her prices were very reasonable.

Photography is an engaging and challenging hobby.  It can take a lifetime to master but you can get surprisingly good results without being an Ansel Adams.  Making money with photography is indeed possible but the financial rewards shouldn’t be the driving force.  Photography should be something you like doing and getting just the right picture should bring a smile to your face.  When that happens, you’ll know that you have a passion for photography, and it will show in your work.

It's always good to explore something new.  Challenge yourself and see what you can do.  If you find some financial rewards in the process, so much the better.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life! 

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