Retirement Golf Can Be
A Dream Come True

For some people, retirement golf is the highlight of their retired years.  The country club life certainly appeals to many people.  There are many workers who spend their years of employment daydreaming of the time where they can wake up and the toughest thing they have to do is to get a tee time.  Being retired gives people the luxury of doing exactly what they never had the time to do before and makes all the years of toil and saving worth it.

Two questions always come up when I speak to people about playing golf in retirement.  The first is: how do I get better at this?  The answers are as varied as some of the courses that they play on and come with costs to match.  Golf can be an expensive sport.  When you add up the cost of equipment, greens fees and lessons, you’re talking about a pastime that can be out of reach for many people, especially those on a fixed income.  That brings us to the second question: how can I make this a little more affordable?

For those in Retirement
Golf Can Be Expensive

For many people in retirement golf is an expense that challenges their pocketbook but is part of the lifestyle that they dreamed about so there are some things to consider.  Golf communities have become very popular especially in the warmer climates.  Often, residents who have built a home in these locations will get golf included or greatly reduced as part of the association fees that are usually part of this type of arrangement.

If a golf community is not a possibility, membership in a country club may be something to consider.  In this arrangement, you are paying an annual fee that will cover a certain amount of golf – even unlimited sometimes.  Depending on how much you play this could cut your cost considerably.  Keep in mind that the cart fee is usually not included.  Also, in some of the upscale clubs there may also be a one-time entrance fee so be sure to consider that.

Some clubs are much more exclusive than others and want to keep it that way.  Quite often, in these types of clubs, you need to be recommended by a current member but, even then, that is not a guarantee for approval.  There is one particular club in Florida where a list of those who have not been approved for membership reads like a roster for the Rich and Famous.

For most people in retirement golf is a way to enjoy life to the fullest.  There’s nothing better to be out on the course, surrounded by nature and enjoying the friendships that can develop on the greens.  Indeed, many business deals have been consummated during a round and it is a great way to make new friends and build your social network.

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