Start to Enjoy Retired Life Right Now!

Let me come right out and say it: I Enjoy Retired Life and I think everyone else should too.  How can you not?  The days are your own, there’s no one telling you what to do and you can pursue any interest or hobby that you’ve ever had.  How can you not enjoy this?  Sadly, I have met some people along the way who don’t enjoy their retirement lifestyle more than they enjoyed their working days.

On this website we’ll offer suggestions to the people who don’t seem to be enjoying their free time as much as they should and even provide some additional information to those who are already quite happy.  Start to Enjoy Retired Life more than ever.  There’s no secret here, you’ve got to know what you want and determine the best way to get it.  Happiness is not necessarily found in doing things or going places.  It’s not found in the things you have or going after the things you want.  Happiness is not in the outside world although there are many things can bring pleasure into our lives.  Happiness is found within.  And it’s unique for every individual.  It’s in that quiet voice inside you that you’ve probably spent your life ignoring.

So many people spend their life making a living they forget that they were put on this world to make a life.  Thoreau said many people live “lives of quiet desperation”.  The noise of the world drowns out the silence of their inner being where our true self resides.  We spend our lives usually taking direction from other people, trying to better ourselves in our careers and providing for our family.  There’s nothing wrong with that if we’ve also taken the time to understand who we are, appreciate our uniqueness and realize we have our own purpose in life.

Retirement is Life's Second Act

We run full speed through life, collect all the trophies the world has to offer, save enough for our post working years and then cross the retirement finish line with only a vague idea of how we’re going to spend the rest of our days.  Wouldn’t it be nice to enter our Second Act a little bit more prepared?  Wouldn’t it be great to come to peace with who we are and what we should be doing to make sure we’ve lived a purposeful life?  A purposeful life, in this case, means living each day to the fullest.  Exploring all the paths we travelled to get to where we are, and even circling back to the little roads that held some interest for us, but we didn’t travel.  We don’t do this with any regret – no, whatever happened, happened and it’s usually wasted energy to try to change it.  In this case, we’re looking for all the things you wanted to do but couldn’t and understanding how those things may have brought you some level of happiness at the time, but didn’t fit into the life you ended up having.

For me, writing was something I had always had a love for.  I enjoy reading of all kinds, from novels to biographies with an intense interest in American history in general, and Abraham Lincoln in particular.  If people live past lives, I’m pretty sure I met him in one of mine.  He holds an interest for me that is hard to describe.  During my working career I probably pushed myself a little hard and left little time for guiltless reading pleasure.  As I neared retirement, I knew at least one of the things I wanted to do.  Studying Mr. Lincoln and spending four days in Springfield, Illinois was even better than I could have imagined and my love for history and understanding the events that shaped our country and the world was rekindled in a way that has revealed a world of books, letters, and courses that could occupy me for the rest of my life.  Should I have been a historian?  Probably.  But I have absolutely no regrets about it now because I am enjoying history now as part of my personal Act Two.

Enjoy Retired Life with
and unforgettable Act Two

We all have an “Act Two” in us and that is the purpose of this website.  Retirement isn’t the end.  It’s a way to rekindle all our past interests and passions and understand ourselves a little bit better in the process.  I believe these past dreams and fantasies are all part of our own little mystery and exploring them is a great way to Enjoy Retired Life in a way that will help you find a sense of fulfillment that may be missing now.

You are totally unique.  There’s never been another person like you.  You have things left to do and a wonderful world to explore.  You need to find out why you were put here and how you fit in.  It’s time to rediscover yourself and Enjoy Retired Life!

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