Golf Is A Great Retirement Sport

Golf is a sport that you can play for a lifetime and still feel like you have a chance to improve.  Even the most unskilled golfer (like me!) gets a thrill when they see one of their shots perform exactly as they had hoped.  Watching a one-hundred-and-forty-yard swing for the green result in a ball rolling withing two feet of the cup gives you enough encouragement to keep coming back and trying to improve your game.  And why not? 

Golf is a way to get exercise, especially if you don’t use a cart and it’s a way to socialize which is always named as a key ingredient for staying sharp as you age.  The discipline of trying to improve your game is also going to help you mentally and the concentration required as you line up a put has to contribute to your overall ability to staying alert.  It sounds like a perfect fit as you look for ways to keep young and have fun at the same time.

Golf is certainly not the only sport that fits that description.  Some would nominate tennis, softball and the up-and-coming pickleball as contenders for the ideal retirement sport.  Actually, they’re all good and it depends entirely on what appeals to you.  I think I might lean toward golf because the aging process seems to erode your skills a little more quickly than the other sports mentioned.  It’s quite possible to even get better at golf when you age.  Experience seems to tell you that your driving distance isn’t always the best measurement for your game.  Many golfers tend to try and overpower the ball and it leads to errant tee shots.  There are many instructors who can show you methods that can learned rather easily that will give you greater distance and accuracy at the same time.

You Can Become Hooked On Golf Very Easily

There’s no doubt that golf can become addictive.  Our son will testify to that.  He maintains that there’s nothing better than playing on a well-designed course with a foursome of friends.  He never shies away from a little competition and his group of friends always seem to oblige him.  He’s a great example of someone who has turned his passion into a career because, for the past twenty years, he’s been working at a golf course or country club in some capacity.  He’s currently a general manager and I have no doubt that whenever he decides to retire, golf will still be a part of his life.

For many people, golf holds a special place in their heart.  It is a wonderful outdoor activity that can be enjoyed on many levels.  It can be a non-competitive round with friends or a friendly competition that gets the adrenaline going.  And all you need is one great shot to get you to come back the next day.  Golf is one of the great pleasures in sports.  If you’ve never tried it, keep in mind that it’s never too late.  Get out and live your days to the fullest.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life! 

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