What Would It Take For You To Be
Happy In Retirement?

Being happy in retirement is almost everyone’s goal but it can mean very different things to different people.   It’s worth taking the time to understand what makes you happy because, surprisingly, many people aren’t really sure.  They have a vague dream of sitting by the pool or on a beach and relaxing or spending their days on a golf course but, when it actually starts to happen, there’s a feeling that something is missing.  That’s very sad.

The awful truth is that most people don’t know themselves as well as they think they do.  They also don’t spend the time visualizing their new existence.  That’s really a tragedy because you spend decades working and saving for your golden years.  It seems that you really should have a pretty good idea of what will make you happy in retirement but, in many cases, it doesn’t seem that way.  Taking the time to plan out this part of your life is a very wise thing to do.  It’s worth planning for and it’s worth brainstorming a bit to understand what the possibilities are.  The benefits are amazing!  I know, because I looked forward to retirement so much that I was determined to be happy in retirement.  I am very happy to say that all my dreams have come true.

Happy In Retirement!

My wife and I are persons of very many interests, and we have enjoyed our time exploring different hobbies and traveling to places we never thought we’d ever get to.  For my wife, that meant doing things she had never done before.  Her new hobby of woodworking has given her many hours of enjoyment but that’s not all that she has done.  She has joined a gardening club and even learned how to play mahjong!  That last endeavor came about by accident, but it has opened up a whole new world for her and her friends.  It’s quite involved and quite competitive in a friendly sort of way.  For those of us on the outside of this mahjong cult, it also a little bit mysterious.  But watching a group playing this popular tile game, you’ll come to realize that there are many different paths to being happy in retirement.

For me, I’ve gotten back to writing and researching different topics.  Yes, I know most people would rather have root canal without Novocain or surgery without anesthesia, but I actually enjoy creating new articles and working in some photography at the same time.  I can’t believe how quickly a day can go by and I absolutely love the fact that the only deadlines I have are my own.  I was a prisoner of Corporate America for far too many years not to find a great deal of satisfaction of doing what I want to do when I want to do it.  Believe me, there are many years of payback in working at my own pace and only on things that interest me.  I’m doing something I really like to do and am making a little money at the same time.  That’s being happy in retirement!

The real question, however, is about you.  What is going to make you happy in retirement?  This website was created to help people answer that question, so I hope you take the time to explore the pages about travel, hobbies and even making money in your retirement years.  I feel very sorry when I hear a person say how bored they are and it’s all I can do not to tell them how happy they should be that they’ve reached this stage of life at all.  It’s a big mistake to waste these golden years.  I firmly believe that one of the critical aspects of being happy in retirement is to be grateful for what you have and to make the most of it.  If you have found that retirement is not everything you had hoped for, you can begin today to change that.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life!

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