How To Enjoy Retirement Is
What This Site Is All About

Advising people on how to enjoy retirement is one of my favorite things to do.  Although it seems impossible to me to be bored, I have met many retirees who struggle to find ways to spend their time.  This site was born because I met so many people who seemed lost after giving up the nine to five grind.  After forty years as a prisoner of Corporate America, I was determined to enjoy every second of my retired life and I absolutely have.  It’s better than I ever imagined and one of the first things I’ve found in life that isn’t overrated.

So, is there a secret on how to enjoy retirement?  I’m beginning to think there might be, based on how many people ask me how I stay so active and enthusiastic about staying home?  Who said anything about just staying home?  There’s nothing wrong with just staying home, but the simple truth is that happiness is a choice.  There are people who look at a gorgeous sunset without truly appreciating it and there are those who go through life with that same lack of realization about how wonderful this world we live in can be.  I think it’s pretty easy to find things to keep you busy and fully engaged in life.  That’s what will keep boredom away.  Plus, I think there’s a mindset that a retired person needs to develop to help them see all the things that are out there to enjoy whether you have a million dollars in the bank or are just barely getting by.  When you were working for a living, you probably had a pretty good idea of what you’d be doing when you got to your job.  That should be your goal in retirement: have the same kind of mindset with a list of goals and things that need to get done.  The difference is that those goals and those tasks will be things you have chosen because you enjoy doing them.

When an individual starts to ask about how to enjoy retirement, they’re really asking how to enjoy life.  Many people go through life thinking that they are what they do – their work is their life.  It’s easy to understand and I have a great deal of compassion for those who start to question their self-worth if there is no one paying them for what they do or giving them tasks to fill their day.

The question isn’t how to enjoy retirement but how do you make the most out of life.  The answer always begins with a little bit of self-reflection and taking the time to become comfortable with who you are and why you are such a unique individual because you are.  There is no one else in the world like you and there never will be.  You have interests to explore and a purpose in life and if you don’t think retirement is an extension of those things, you’re giving up on life.

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This site is devoted to helping people find out how to enjoy retirement.  I encourage you to take some time and look around.  We discuss designing your retirement lifestyle, exploring your interests and hobbies and exposing you to ideas, places and possibilities you may not have been aware of.  The hope is that you’ll find new friends, activities and destinations to enjoy and share these insights with others.  No matter how much money is in your bank account, you’ll be able to find activities that you can afford to do.  In fact, there may be interests or hobbies to pursue that can put money into that bank account you wish were bigger and you can have fun doing it.

We want to give you multiple answers to consider about how to enjoy retirement and help you become a guide for others to do the same.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life!