Making Extra Money In Retirement Is Easier Than You Think

Unless you're among the wealthy, making extra money in retirement has probably crossed your mind. The good News is that there are many ways to do this. The most obvious way, of course, is to get a job. With the labor market being as tight as it is, there are many places that would be more than willing to give you as many hours as you want. We know a fast-food manager who says that senior citizens are his most reliable employees. They want the job, are cheerful to customers and they show up every day. So, if that's what you're after, by all means go for it.

But I think that if you're interested in making extra money in retirement, there are other things that you might want to consider. There's absolutely nothing wrong with a job in a restaurant. It is a very honorable way to make a living. It was my job throughout college, so I know a little bit about the work. And that's exactly my point. Isn't it time to be a little more selective in what you choose to do? Wouldn't it be nicer to work in a place where you have more of an interest in what they're about? A person who has woodworking as a Hobby might be a little happier in a lumber or hardware store. A person who quilts might absolutely love working in a fabric store. Unless you're really desperate for money and need to take the first job that comes along, take your time and see how you might turn working into a more pleasurable Activity.

Cutting Expenses Can Be Just As Good As Making Extra Money In Retirement

Making extra money in retirement can also mean cutting your expenses so you end up with more money in the bank at the end of each month. One of the easiest ways to do this is with food. Being more careful when you go to the store and dining out a little less frequently are the quickest ways to reverse the increased spending into a healthier banking account. And that doesn't mean you have to skimp or stop enjoying great meals. Cooking can be Fun. It can be an adventure if you approach it the right way and cooking on a budget can be one of the most enjoyable challenges in life. I'm not a great cook by any means, but some of the things I make are much better than what some restaurants serve. Don't overlook saving money as a very effective substitute for making extra money in retirement.


Your physical health is another factor to consider as you go down this road. None of us are getting any younger so a physical job might be something you think twice about. It's one thing to be a retail assistant in a fabric store that's not too busy compared to lunch hour in a fast-food restaurant or Diner. While keeping active is admirable, spending the rest of each day recovering from a morning shift of serving breakfast and pouring endless cups of coffee. Are you really leveraging all that you have to give?

One of the things people don't realize is how much knowledge they've accumulated over the years. Whether it's your knowledge about life or even a hobby, you have guidance to offer. If you can find a situation where you're able to use what you've learned, you can make this a wonderful experience. Making extra money in retirement does not have to be a chore. It can become a true passion, if you let it. Why not take your experience and your knowledge and combine it with an interest or hobby that you have? Why not learn new things at the same time? Why not connect with other people who are in the same situation?


I created this website because I could not understand how someone could not love retirement. Fortunately, I did not have any money issues but, even if I did, the path that I chose to explore offered financial reward that did not seem possible to me at the time. If you had told me that you can have people read what you had written and have money appear in your account without having to go to a place of business, I would have thought you were trying to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge. If you had told me that I could have this much fun doing it, I would have thought you were crazy because I never enjoyed a single day of school or work in my life. But it's true. Working on this website has been extremely enjoyable. And I don't even have a hobby or activity that I'm passionate about.

But I do like to write and show people how to make the most of their life. When I was working many people, for some reason, came to me for advice and I would always tell them that they had bigger things in their future than this job they were complaining about. I would always tell them to find their passion and live it. If you're reading these words, this is the time in your life to do exactly that! For me, it's creating and managing this website. For you, it could be taking your hobby and interest and finding a way to turn it into an income. Whatever your situation, if you're interested in making extra money in retirement, take the time to make it an enjoyable experience. You deserve that. It's time to Enjoy Retired Life!

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