How To Cope With
The Pandemic And Retirement

Coping with the pandemic and retirement at the same time has been a little overwhelming for the millions of people in their sixties who are approaching the end of their working career.  Strangely enough, there are similarities that can help people adjust better during this very trying time and making the most of what seems to be the “new normal”.

While the pandemic has kept people “locked down” and changed many worker’s day to day duties to a remote status where they log in from home and do as much of their job as possible, this new environment has caused people to think that this may be what retirement is like.  After all, the socialization that used to place in lunchrooms and during coffee breaks has disappeared.  Many people have not been able to cope with staying in their house for extended periods of time.  This decrease in socialization is something that the pandemic and retirement have in common.

Technology Can Bring A Ray Of Hope To
The Pandemic And Retirement

But, just as technology has come to the rescue for many people in their ability to work from home, it can bring a new ray of hope for those who feel isolated in retirement. The pandemic and retirement have led some people to turn to technology to broaden their horizons.  You can either get depressed about the situation or make yourself determined to make the most of it.

Technology has enabled “zoom sessions” where you can see the person you talk to and has been used extensively in the business world.  Virtual meetings were really starting to catch on when I retired from Corporate America at the end of 2017 and I can tell you that the technology has gotten much better and the faster internet speeds have made the delay between the speakers in a remote meeting almost bearable.  The good news is that it will continue to get better.

Are the virtual family meetings ever going to replace a “family hug”?  No, of course not.  But, in this age of safe social distancing, it has let people feel a whole lot safer and allowed them to stay in touch with their loved ones in a way that was not possible even just ten years before.  The pandemic has accelerated the development of the technology and greatly expanded the market for this type of telecommunications.  People who are experiencing the pandemic and retirement at the same time are seeing the world change as everyone makes this new technology a part of their life.

There are many benefits with the increased internet speeds and new communication tools.  New worlds open up for those who are trying to navigate the pandemic and retirement or have moved to a new area that is further from their loved ones.  And the number of things you can do and the resources that are available over the internet are increasing all the time.  Remote learning is becoming part of the new normal and it has expanded to include almost everyone.  The number of people offering courses over the internet is increasing daily and, for the retiree, there is almost no subject that can’t be tackled as a remote learner.

The pandemic has been a terrible and tragic time with thousands of loved ones being lost.  But some good has to come out of it and, although it’s a very small piece, the expanded communications that can now take place over the internet is one of them.  The pandemic and retirement present challenges that can be made easier if we take the time to learn new things and leverage technology to create a better life.  We only go around once so we have to make the best of it.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life.

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