Your Retirement Age Will
Impact Your Lifestyle

Your retirement age determines a lot about the lifestyle you have in your later years.  Unless you’re wealthy and without money concerns, the earlier you retire will usually mean a potentially smaller income than someone who waits a few years and puts in the extra time earning a salary.

As you can probably tell from the different articles on this website, I absolutely love retirement and wish I had been able to do it years ago.  I’m a huge advocate of early retirement and there are ways that you can supplement your income if you need to.

More than income, your retirement age also has an impact on your activity level.  The younger you retire, generally, the more active you can be and that will obviously have a direct relationship on your retirement pursuits.  Retirement at the age of 60 makes taking up golf as a hobby an exciting possibility while retiring at 85 may mean that the golf you undertake might be on the smaller par three courses although anything is possible.  I’ve met ninety year old men who hit the ball better than me.

Maximizing Enjoyment
Should Be Your Goal At Any Retirement Age

The main consideration concerning your retirement age is the mix of activity and leisure time with the amount of time you may need to supplement your income.  That may mean a job or a business or a hobby that generates a profit.  These are good problems to have and there are many way to approach these issues but you should spend some time developing a plan of attack.

If money is an issue, why not find something enjoyable to do that will generate the extra income you need?  It will be a way to bring new purpose to your activities and the extra money coming in will be something that can supplement your true retirement purpose and that is to maximize the enjoyment from each day.

I absolutely hated working for a living because I wasn’t doing the things that I liked to do.  In my working career I managed departments, budgets and people and brought the problems home with me every day.  In retirement, I manage myself and my wife and I have a wonderful time managing our time together.  It’s so different from my work experience I can’t even begin to compare the two.  As I write this article, I’m enjoying our wonderful home, taking coffee breaks whenever I want and keeping up with the news, correspondence with friends and watching the perils of the stock market just to give me a dose of reality.  This is the type of work I enjoy doing and I would do it if I wasn’t making any money.  I know that’s true because, as I was getting this website off the ground, I wasn’t making a single dime.  Fortunately, there was no huge investment or overhead and I was totally in charge of what I wrote and when I wrote it.

If I had chosen 80 as my retirement age (and made it through the agony of another fifteen years of work), I would probably be doing the same thing.  This work is easy and fun and it might be something you consider no matter what your retirement age.  I’ve made it my goal: Enjoy Retired Life.

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