The List of Retirement Businesses
is Larger Than You Think

Retirement businesses are as creative as the owner wants to start one.  You can use your work experience or start out on a completely different path, but the reality is that you can make money at just about anything.  Why not start with the obvious…

Online Retirement Businesses

This website is clearly a business that I’ve started.  Although it began as a hobby because I like to write, it has turned into almost a passion as I help people navigate through this wonderful stage of their life.  There are many avenues to take with this, but I would separate them into focusing on content like this site does or focusing on referrals where you lead your reader to products that they might be interested in.  If content is your interest, then a company called Site Build It will guide you step by step in helping you deliver rich content to your readers.  If your motivated by financial concerns or if you’re just interested in making money, then a company called Wealthy Affiliate offers excellent training a top-notch platform.  And let me just say: there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make money.  With an affiliate marketing business, you can have a lot of fun as you fine tune your advertising methods and build a steady flow of customers.

Retirement Businesses That Leverage Your Skills

If you’re from the business world, your probably know enough to walk into a company that’s similar to the one you worked for and give them advice on how to improve.  The consulting business is lucrative if you know how to make it work.  We all know that a fresh pair of eyes can provide an insight that no one who is immersed in the business so deeply can see.  Many times, just a little bit of organization can make a tremendous improvement.

And speaking of Getting Organized, you can actually make a living helping people and businesses get themselves organized and they will pay you handsomely for that effort.  A Professional Organizer can be a very rewarding business both monetarily and emotionally.  We’ve all felt that sense of relief when we just get a little bit more organized, haven’t we?

If you can write a grammatically correct sentence, you can make money as well.  There are hundreds of tasks just waiting for someone to step forward and do for companies that can’t find anyone to do them.  And once you make the right contact, the money will come your way on a regular basis.  There is always a need for a good writer.

Retirement Businesses Requiring Physical Work

Let’s be honest, not everyone who reaches retirement age still wants to work.  But there are many people who do and the idea of doing a little physical work now and then as part of their own business has great appeal for some people so perhaps one of the retirement businesses listed here will be of interest to you.  Remember, if it involves a task around the house, there’s always someone willing to pay to have it done.

House cleaning for example, is a task many people would like to avoid but there’s no doubt it’s a big business.  It can be very profitable, and many people have it up so that have crews that do the work.  The same is true with house painting.  Inside jobs and outside jobs can be very expensive and it seems like it’s harder and harder to find people to do the work so starting a house painting business might be something you consider.

If you like dogs and cats, you may want to consider a business that revolves around their care.  Dogs lend themselves to a dog walking business or even a kennel business.  Pet grooming is also a business you can look into.  If you want to get slightly more commercial, a dog baking business can be a very enjoyable enterprise to start.

If you want to stay focused on your hobbies, almost any of them make possible retirement businesses.  You may have to get creative about how to monetize your efforts, but a little research can help you get some ideas.  There are people who make money from knitting and woodworking, beekeeping and shrimp farming so almost anything is possible. In this day and age where cell phones take pictures of professional quality, you can investigate selling your photos to create more income.

We are just scratching the surface of retirement businesses that can make extra money for you.  We’re always on the lookout for more ideas so make sure you stop back and check us out on a regular basis.  Starting a business in retirement can be exciting and keep you young.  Maybe it will also give you another problem: what to do with that extra money!  Start your brainstorming and do your research.  Then build a plan and get going.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life!

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