We Have Many Favorite
Retirement Destinations

There can be many reasons a location becomes one of your favorite retirement destinations.  We have many places we like to go for a lot of different reasons.  If you want to categorize them, we have places for day trips, weekends, culture and learning, experiencing the beauty of nature and the annual winter escape to warmer weather.  We’ve enjoyed exploring new places and, although we’ll never see all of the world that there is to see, we do have a small list of places that go back to whenever we can and those are the retirement destinations we’ll discuss here.

The good news for us is that we now live in one of the places we loved to travel to: the beautiful Hudson Valley in upstate New York.  We found ourselves coming up here quite often during our family vacations and weekend getaways and fell in love with the mountains, lakes and rivers.  We bought some property on a lake and made plans to build our dream house.  We are happy to say that we made it!

Not too far away are some of our other favorite places to go to.  Western Massachusetts have the beautiful Berkshires and the charming town of Stockbridge.  Continue east and you’ll get to the gorgeous coastline where Cape Ann and Cape Cod hold a special attraction for us.  And, not too far, is Newport, Rhode Island which has also been a favorite.

Living close to New York City, you won’t be surprised to learn that we went into the city quite often.  You can’t top Broadway but that doesn’t mean we have seen first class productions in smaller theaters throughout the country.  Some are small like the ones in New England but some theaters rival Broadway.  Ford’s Theater has some excellent productions and happens to be in my favorite city of Washington, DC.  There’s nothing better to me than strolling the mall in our Nation’s Capital and seeing the magnificent government buildings surrounded by some of the best museums in the world.  It become one of the more popular retirement destinations every spring when the Cherry Blossoms bloom.

Retirement Destinations Usually
Have Great Weather

As the colder weather approaches other retirement destinations float to the top of the list.  There’s no place like your home for the holiday season, but not too long after that you may find us anywhere from Jensen Beach or Clearwater in Florida to Palm Springs in California.  The entire southwest is also one of the more popular destinations for many reasons.  Sedona and Santa Fe seem to attract artists, photographers and writers and it’s easy to see how someone can be inspired to pursue a new hobby after seeing how much creativity is on exhibit.  Much of it is produced by retirees who are pursuing their dream and it’s great to see.

Retirement destinations are certainly not limited to this country.  In fact, very cost-effective retirement living can be experienced outside of the US.  In our travels through Spain, we came across some coastal towns that we put on our list to re-visit and the same thing is true about Portugal.  A simpler life and some very attractive rental packages can make this something you consider.

Finding your own ideal retirement destinations is half the fun.  You can read different magazines and articles to get some ideas, but there is nothing like exploring these places on your own.  Finding that little hidden gem can make all the difference.  You might become so excited that you even feel the need to write about it and tell others!  I enjoy doing exactly that, but I also enjoy hearing the stories of others.  Sharing your favorite retirement destinations can bring back great memories and give others that little push to get out and do the same.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life.

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