Your Retirement Happiness Is Up To You

You hold the key to your retirement happiness.  There is a quote that says that “people are about as happy as they choose to be” and it’s often attributed to Abraham Lincoln although there is no absolute proof that he said or wrote those words.  Coming from a man who battled depression throughout his life, the words take on more meaning.  Whether he said them or not is not the real point, however, because the observation is a very wise one.  Just as it applies to someone’s life, it can also apply to retirement.

I am not ashamed to admit how much I love retirement.  I love everything about it but especially the freedom it gives you to do what ever you want whenever you want (almost).  There are things that are not possible because of certain circumstances like financial or physical constraints, but, in general, the time is yours to decide how to spend it.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I thought about doing other things while I was stuck in a boring class in school or conference call at work.  Those days are gone and, if I’m bored, it’s my own fault.

But there are too many things to do and learn and places to go to be bored.  There are too many new foods to try and, perhaps, cook to ever say there isn’t enough exciting things to do.  The internet itself is a wonderful resource that opens up worlds you never knew existed.  If you spend some time just recalling your life and all the things that interested you, I’m sure there will be things that intrigue you enough to do a little research and start to rekindle your interest.  It’s easier than ever to do a search on past friends and catch up on people you may not have talked to in years.  Doing an ancestry search on your family might be something that gives you some surprises.  I still look for records of family members and haven’t given up the thought that a family member may have worked with Lincoln at some point.  You never know.  I know people who have devoted years to researching their family and we made a trip to Spain to meet some of my wife’s relatives and have stayed in contact with them since.

Finding Retirement Happiness
Is Easier Than You Think

Finding retirement happiness is easier than you think if you are willing to do a little exploration.  The best way to start exploring is with yourself and really examine your life and uncover some hidden desires or talents.  Did music ever interest you?  Did you think of yourself as a singer or master pianist?  You may have hidden talent you never dreamed of.

Did you want to spend more time playing golf or taking up chess or building furniture?  Now is the time!  Start today.  Life is not a dress rehearsal and the hardest part of any journey is taking that first step.  Yes, retirement happiness is up to you but there are resources everywhere to assist you.  Explore the ideas on this website and get going!  This is YOUR life.  It’s time to enjoy it!

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