There Are Many Retirement Hobbies
That Make Money

There are many retirement hobbies that make money.  With a little imagination you can turn your favorite pastime into a profitable venture.  Many retirees have found work at a golf club in return for reduced or even free rounds of golf while pocketing a little extra money on the side.  You could even start your own website and help people strengthen their game.

If fishing is your love, how about running a charter for a small group?  Working with a boat owner, you will not only get a free day of fishing but make a little money on the side.  Or, like the golf enthusiast, start a website where you can offer expert advice or products from others.  Become the expert on how to “net” that tournament winning crappie or bass!  Other people have done it, why not you?

Pets and pet care are retirement hobbies that can make money as well.  Becoming a dog walker will provide exercise, companionship with other dogs and a little money as well.  Pet sitting can do the same thing and there are many people who do these things for a living and do very well.

Almost Any Craft Can Become
A Retirement Hobby That Can Make Money

Almost any craft can become a money-making hobby as well.  Wood working, pottery, knitting and small crafts can become income through sales on the internet or through a store that will give you space in exchange for a commission.  We have come across many stores where local artists are featured and some of the work is absolutely first rate.  Often, crafts people and artisans will form a co-op where the rent is shared, and the store is run on a rotating basis.  It’s clear that many people are looking for retirement hobbies that make money and, if you have an artistic talent, there is a large audience for your work.

There are even hobbies that you might have thought about in the past but were put off by the investment of time or money.  We know of one person who took up beekeeping because he was always intrigued by what he had read about bees and wanted to study them up close.  When he read about how endangered they had become, it was enough to convince him to try it out.  The fact that he can more than break even with the sales of honey made it an easy decision.  It has provided him with a true interest and he really feels like he is performing a service and helping the environment.  Beekeeping has evolved from a hobby to a business and he couldn’t be happier.

Photography and writing have always been professions that allow a person to follow their passions and make money at the same time.  An incredible number of retirees turn to writing to fulfill a lifelong dream and, with the excellent pictures that can be taken by today’s cellphones, many people have developed an interest in capturing life through pictures.  Both writing and photography are retirement hobbies that make money.

These are just a few examples of the many that exist.  Hobbies can add a tremendous sense of happiness and fulfillment in your life and, if the opportunity for extra income exists, who can argue that it’s not a win-win proposition.  It’s one more way to Enjoy Retired Life.

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