Retirement Life Opens Up
A Whole New World

Whether they realize it or not, the retirement life that people create for themselves is completely of their own making.  That is true of life in general, but most people don’t realize until later in life.  Many people don’t accept full responsibility for the fact that their current life is the result of the decisions that they made.  It should be something they come to realize and acknowledge as they approach the end of their working career but how many people actively work at shaping their retirement life?  We would like to change that with the bold declaration that retirement is what you make it and here, at this website, we are determined to make it as exciting as possible no matter what your circumstances.

No matter what your financial or physical situation is, retirement life should be a time for fulfillment and a celebration of all the hard work that you put in along the way.  Think of how much smarter you are than the person you were forty years ago.  I look back at that time and wonder how I ever got this far.  I admit I was totally lost in determining a career or a way forward.  It was well before my experience with the world of self-improvement and the authors I read who told me, quite correctly, that I was capable of anything I truly wanted.  My career aspirations were vague at best but I was fortunate to make some great choices in my personal life by marrying the best person I ever met.  I took very seriously all the suggestions in these challenging books as it related to my job and how to improve my place in the working world even though I wasn’t working at something I really liked.  My vision was on the end goal – retirement.  Believe it or not, I was thinking about retirement from my first day of work.  That’s very strange, I know, but the fact that I never really enjoyed any job I ever had led me to that state of mind.  I still could not tell you a career that I would be passionate about even though I had read that, if you work at something you love, you will never work a day in your life.  I just had no idea what I loved except for providing for my wife and children.

Retirement Life Changed All That

I love retirement life!  I love doing all the little hobbies that I have and being able to read and learn about anything I want without a test or term paper.  I love the opportunity to travel and being able see all the places that I had read about and, if you’re wondering why I did not become a travel writer, the answer is a complex one.  By the time I really considered that as a possibility, I had a family to support and leaving them while I wrote about different places in the world didn’t seem like a good fit at the time so I shifted that possibility into my retirement life.  Now, I can earn money from travel articles as a part time source of income and have total control over the places I visit.

Retirement life gives you the ability to create and plan your second act as I call it – your ideal world after you no longer have to work for a living.  This website got started when I heard a couple friends talk about retirement that startled me.  One said he was bored and would go back to work in a minute but he was too old to work as a police officer anymore.  The other one said he feared retirement because he didn’t know how he was going to fill in all that time during the day.  I couldn’t believe it and I told them so.  Their response was to ask me what my suggestions were, and I started giving them my dream list of places to go, things to do and subjects I wanted to learn about.  They were somewhat surprised at the extensive list I gave them on the spot, and it might have struck a nerve with them.  I got the impression they hadn’t considered all the possibilities.

This Website is About
Enjoying Retirement Life to the Fullest

That’s how this website came about and I have enjoyed compiling the topics you see here and enjoy the fact that it will never be finished.  This has been very enjoyable to do a little research on my own terms and add an article here and there whenever I can.  When you add in the fact that some money can actually be earned in the process, it becomes very enjoyable indeed.  In my research I have added some ideas I had not considered and explored some options I did not know existed.  The world that exists on the internet has changed everyone’s life but, for those who have the time, that change can be dramatic indeed.  The things you can learn and the resources that are out there is immense and, much of it is free.  The virtual tours that can be taken are extraordinary.

The internet has added tremendously to retirement life.  It has made financial resources and physical limitations less of a constraint than ever before.  I think the only people who are not enjoying retirement life today are the ones who haven’t really tried to.  That may be a little harsh, but if you look around this website, the possibilities are extraordinary and, even if you’re by yourself, there are ways to connect to other people and those relationships can be life changing.  The bottom line is that I believe everyone should Enjoy Retired Life because you earned it.

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