Retirement Strategies Often
Ignore Your Free Time

There are many retirement strategies to address your investments and securing financial stability in your retirement.  After all, when you stop working, a large part of your income disappears.  What materializes in its place is an enormous amount of free time and many people don’t think through how they’re going to fill those hours in a way that will keep them occupied and fulfilled.

Everyone creates their own retirement strategies either on their own or with the help of an advisor and this is appropriate when it comes to financial questions.  A good investment advisor is worth every penny if they can maximize your financial assets.  But, when it comes to advice on how to use your free time, don’t take the easy way out and look for advice elsewhere.  Certainly you should do a little research on how other people have made the transition from work to retirement but you should take the time to do a little self-assessment of your interests and, possibly, hidden passions.

You are unique and even those people who don’t know themselves as well as they should are still the best resource on creating an approach to retirement that will make sense for them.  The best retirement strategies will address the economics of this new phase of your life but, to do the job completely, you need to look more deeply at the person you see in the mirror every morning.  This is your life and nobody else’s.  The time remaining will never be more than it is now so there’s never been a better time to take control and make your retirement as enjoyable as you can.

The Best Retirement Strategies Are Created On An Individual Basis - One Size Doesn't Fit All

One of the best retirement strategies for your free time is to take a little trip down memory lane to discover the person you were, the interests you had and the best way forward to recapture those times where you felt happiest.  Taking the time to do that is usually a very enjoyable process and almost sure to rediscover some things in your past you may have forgotten about.  Although a lifetime of golf is not a bad way to live, the most enjoyable moments are usually spent with other people and creating a social network that will sustain you.

Retirement is a great time to re-connect with old friends and even family members that have moved away.  People spend their time researching and even documenting their family history.  Looking at old yearbooks and pictures may bring back a time that you’d like to recapture again.  Do you know how many people have thought back to an old hobby like model railroading, woodworking, record or card collecting and got started again?

Still others have used their time to do something they had only dreamed of doing before.  Go to a talent night in a retirement community and you’ll see people on stage who are finally living their dream after taking acting, singing or piano lessons.  Not to be voice of doom or anything, but time is running out.  It’s one thing to turn forty or fifty and have unfilled dreams, but when you move past sixty or seventy, there should be a little bit more urgency to get in gear and finally do the things you’ve always dreamed about.  It’s never too late.  Get started today and Enjoy Retired Life.

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