Self Improvement Doesn't Stop
Just Because You're Retired

Self improvement is a lifelong effort and it shouldn’t stop when you retire.  Indeed, retirement is a time for learning and fulfillment and part of that can be as you take inventory of where you are in life in terms of emotional well-being.  The reality is we may actually need more tools at our disposal as we go through some difficult times.  Our lives will change and, as we age, finding ways to cope with that process may be more important than ever.

But before we get carried away in the doom and gloom that many focus on during their later years, let’s get back to all the possibilities that exist for us right now.  The date of our birth may be further away than we ever thought possible but that does not mean that there is not a golden future before us.  We can stay young at heart and mentally invigorated as we go through the process of self improvement.

I came to this world of self-examination and personal motivation later than most.  I think I was about thirty-four when I sought help on how to cope with the pressures of work.  I was killing myself with long hours, high expectations of myself and stress from the self-imposed deadlines and goals that I struggled to meet.  I was a difficult person to work with and live with and found myself in the hospital with a terrible pain at the pit of my stomach that they could not diagnose.  It was possibly a virus that had settled in my spleen or other internal organ.  My slightly enlarged spleen was the only physical abnormality.  My doctor asked if I was under a lot of stress and, of course, I denied it.  I became committed to healing myself through research and reading and it set me on a path that I still enjoy traveling on.  You don’t think twice about a healthy diet contributing to happy physical state, but most people don’t think to give themselves the same care emotionally and mentally.  I have yet to read a self-improvement book that hasn’t helped me in some way.

Self Improvement Becomes  a Way of Life

Although I shared these with my wife and children, there wasn’t as much enthusiasm on their part as there was for me.  I can guarantee you that when our grandchildren reach an appropriate age, the old guy they go to visit will have some gentle words of advice.  That’s probably the best reason to keep up your pace on the self-improvement track.  It will keep your outlook healthy and positive which is one of my struggles in life.  I know that every silver lining has a cloud lurking somewhere so I make every attempt to maintain my self improvement discipline.

I have a few favorite authors.  I suggest working your way through a few of them to find the style and content you find that is most appropriate for you.  Bob Proctor wrote a book called You Were Born Rich and put together a great program that will guide to making huge strides in your life and, no, it is not just about money.  Not even close.  It’s a very logical and interesting approach to making improvements in every area of your life.  His work is now part of the Proctor Gallagher Institute and I think you’ll find it’s worth exploring.

Anthony Robbins is another writer and speaker who’s made a tremendous impact on me and millions of others.  If you are looking for motivation, he’s the guy you want to see.  He’s done one on one consulting for Presidents and athletes and his high energy may hold a special appeal for the younger members of your life.  Sometimes grandchildren may be more open to receiving this type of guidance from a grandparent than their own mother or father.

From a spiritual and emotional perspective, Wayne Dyer has been the author I’ve turned to the most.  I went to hear him speak and was impressed how he seemed to touch every member of the audience in a very special way.  He wrote dozens of books in his lifetime and it’s interesting to watch how his work evolved over the years.

You should get out and explore and make a list of your own self improvement experts.  It’s a way to challenge yourself, create more energy and excitement in your life and come to grips with the process of aging.  In many ways the aging process itself and how we deal with it can hold its own wonders and provide you with a great feeling of inner peace.

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