Senior Citizen is a Title
you should be Proud of!

The term senior citizen gets kicked around a lot.  We’re here to return some dignity back to this title.  It takes a while to get to this stage in your life and, if life is a learning experience, think of all the knowledge you’ve accumulated over the years.  Think of all the changes you’ve seen and all the historic events you’ve been a witness to.  If you think of an artist working on a painting, an artisan working on a piece of furniture or a writer creating a story for sixty years or more, you would think that their end product would be something quite intricate and worth examining.  We believe every senior citizen is worth that same level of respect.  But, on the flip side, every senior citizen has to realize their own true value and have a sense of self worth so that you can pass on that learning to future generations.

Sometimes, today’s senior citizen is more worried about the discounts they can receive than the wisdom they can impart.  Sadly, many live out their lives feeling unimportant.  They may be the most underappreciated segment of the population which is very sad because, in many ways, they may have the most to give.  It’s time we realize the knowledge and wisdom contained in our senior citizens.

When you think back to your working days, and were put into a situation where decisions had to be made, one of the questions that always gets asked is: what’s been done before?  When they say history repeats itself, no truer words were ever spoken.  It’s also said that, if we don’t learn from history, we’re doomed to repeat it.  Listening to the senior citizens who were around when I was growing telling stories about the Depression and World War II made me want to read about these times and their words brought a new depth and sharper picture of these horrific times.  And when I spoke to my grandfather and, in his later years, my father, I realized they were from another time and if I didn’t make the effort to reach out to them, their stories would be lost forever.

Senior Citizens Are Starting to
Gain  a Little More Respect

There are some signs that the senior citizen is gaining a little respect, especially within their families.  The DNA industry that has grown tremendously over the years, makes tracing your family history fun and enjoyable.  My wife visited her relatives in northern Spain (see the house below) and learned much about her father and his family.  But, while the findings from these tests are great, there may be a mountain of information being ignored in the old uncle or cousin you don’t talk to.  Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say, but it would be sad to look at all the information that’s right in front of us in the form of people who have lived lives we can only read about.  Our senior citizens are a tremendous asset but even they don’t know it sometimes.

Enjoy Retired Life is dedicated to bringing excitement back into the lives of retired people everywhere – the senior citizens who have ended their working career.  Sadly, many of them don’t know what to do next and that’s why this website was created: to help answer those questions.  The goal is to have everyone fortunate enough to reach retirement create a future that they can look forward to.  Explore the ideas on this website, look at some of the possibilities and think back to your past when anything seemed possible and then realize that you’re in a stage of your life when you can finally make some of your forgotten dreams a reality.  This is a call to every senior citizen and everyone who hopes to be one someday.  It’s time to look forward to tomorrow and Enjoy Retired Life.

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