Working in Retirement

Working in retirement is not something I’m a fan of but, for many people, it’s a path that they need or want to take.  Whether you need the money to survive, would like extra money for a few extras like travel or just want to fill in your afternoons, please take some time to plan this venture out and make the most of it.  After all, most people spend over forty years working to get to their retirement day.  Why would you sacrifice that and start working again?  If you say retirement isn’t everything you thought it would be, I would suggest looking through this website for ideas on how to bring greater enjoyment to your retired life.

Working in retirement isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if finances are a concern.  But, even then, my advice would be to make it as pleasant as possible.  Try to find something that is aligned with your interests, even if it’s for a little less money.  Being a clerk in a pro shop at a golf course might be a little bit more enjoyable than flipping hamburgers at your local fast-food restaurant.  If you’re good at carpentry or can fix things around the house, a job at a hardware store or Lowe’s or Home Depot might be perfect for you.  Many times, there can be some fringe benefits attached that can be very attractive.  A friend of ours gets discounted golf because of his work at the pro shop and there’s often an employee discount attached to working in a store.  We know of someone who loves crafts and the discount she receives where she works is part of the reason that she has the job in the first place.


Working In Retirement Has Its Benefits

Working in retirement can also be done on a volunteer basis.  That’s a great way to give back to a worthy cause and, while it won’t put money in your bank account, it can provide a sense of fulfillment that you cannot buy.  The favorite part of your week might very well become the time you spend volunteering at your local hospital, animal shelter or historic site.  It can be very enriching and provide the opportunity to meet new people as well.

Don’t overlook the possibility of starting a business in retirement.  Many retirees have part-time operations that give a little extra money and a great deal of satisfaction.  Having a spot at a fair for products that you have made is a great way to supplement your income and may even lead to a distribution arrangement with a retail outlet.  Many people who make craft products find a receptive audience at a flea market or fair.  Homemade preserves, baked goods or even ice cream can be a real crowd pleaser and you’d be surprised how many large companies got started in that manner.  Don’t overlook an online venture either.  It doesn’t take a lot of technical knowledge to get started on E-Bay or your own website.

Street Corner Jazz

The point is that working in retirement should be as enjoyable as you can make it.  Extra money is always nice but, at this point in your life, do you really want to dread going to a job every day?  If it’s something you’re interested in doing, why not take the time to plan it out and at least explore the possibilities that are out there?  Take a look at your interests and, most importantly, your physical capabilities.  Will the job you’re considering require a lot of standing or heavy lifting?  It would be wise to check that out before accepting a position.  But don’t ever think you have nothing to offer.  You have a lifetime of experience that many other applicants don’t.  Businesses love older workers.  They’re more serious and dependable and they’re usually not always asking about a raise or a promotion.  You’re a valued asset for businesses so don’t be afraid to offer your services to a prospective employer.  The Help Wanted signs seem to be everywhere so, if working in retirement is something you’d like to explore, your timing is perfect.

Develop a plan by taking an inventory of your interests and brainstorm on the possibilities.  Whether it’s marketing something of your own creation or working in a field that interests you, take the time to plan your first step and set a goal for yourself.  That goal might be a dollar amount or just creating your first product to sell or playing your first set on stage with a local band.  Whatever it is, make sure your plan will lead to a better you.  If you’re not at least a little excited about it, maybe you should think before you act.  Working in retirement should be at least a little bit of fun.  Retirement was what you worked your whole life for – don’t mess it up by taking just any old job.  Think of it as an opportunity to expand your horizons.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life!

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