There Are Many Suitable Jobs For Retirement

There are many valid reasons to continue working when you reach senior citizen status and there are many suitable jobs for retirement.  If you’ve determined that continuing your employment is your best course of action, you should be happy to hear that the employment prospects have never been better.  Workers are a hot commodity and skilled laborers are very much in demand.  Before we discuss your options and what might be the best jobs for retirement, let’s be sure that you’ve completely analyzed your situation.

In many ways, your retirement years can be the happiest period of your life.  In fact, this website is dedicated to that belief.  I’ll be very honest about my own personal bias: I would only go back to work if I was absolutely forced to.  Some people love their jobs, but I never could say that was true about me.  When I look at my own situation and try to come up with some suitable jobs for retirement, none of them appeal enough to me to sacrifice any part of my retirement.  But I fully realize that may not be true for you and your reasons for working may be extremely important.

Many Retirees Consider Jobs For Retirement
To Ease Their Financial Problems

Financial concerns are very valid.  There were few things more stressful during my life than those times where I did not have enough money coming in to cover the expenses we were facing.  If that is the case for you, I completely understand your situation.  If you miss your job and really liked what you did, I can understand that as well.  I know many skilled workers such as carpenters, plumbers and accountants who miss their working days and have gone back to part time positions.  They are well aware of valued their skill set is because they face the constant pull to become full time rather than working a day here and there.  If you want to work, there are many jobs for retirement that will pay very well.  My first job was in a restaurant washing dishes and working the grill.  I worked for minimum wage which was about two dollars an hour.  Those jobs are now slightly above minimum wage but they’re paying fifteen dollars an hour or more.  But is that really what you want to do in retirement?

No matter what you’re considering, start with what you have to offer and make the most of it.  You have more experience at this age than almost all the other applicants and, more than likely, you possess a work ethic and attitude that most people can’t match.  You have a desire to continue working while most people work only because they have to.  That will show in your performance and set you apart from the crowd.  It’s one of the reasons that jobs for retirement are easier to find than ever before.  It also means you can be a little more selective about it than, perhaps, the last time you went looking for a job.  In fact, if it’s been a while since your last interview, you may be in for a surprise.

If you have any hobbies or interests, why not see if there are positions that are related to those areas?  Retirees who enjoy golf can make great salespersons in a sporting goods store or even finding work around a country club.  It’s possible to make your work seasonal as well.  Accountants, for example, will find more than enough work during tax season at a tax preparation company.  Teachers can find tutoring jobs or work as a substitute teacher if they choose so that they can create an income but not have to work full time.  That balance may be all you need to solve a financial shortfall or fulfill the need to keep active at a job.  The best retirement jobs are usually aligned with one of your interests.

Don't Get A Job For The Wrong Reasons

Hopefully, the need to have a job for retirement is not connected to a feeling of not being productive or useful.  Sadly, some people feel that, if they’re not employed, they’re not as useful as they should be.  I would submit that if you’re self-worth is attached to your job, you’re not giving yourself enough credit.  You are not your job, and your job should not be the only thing that defines you.  I think that retirement is a time to have your life reflect that because everyone has more to offer than they think.  Even doctors, who clearly have an expertise in their field, have found that volunteering has given them a greater sense of fulfillment than they ever had and revealed gifts that they didn’t know they had.

Don't get a job just because you're bored because you'll probably end up hating it.  When you look at the list of jobs for retirement that you’re considering, think about expanding your horizons.  Don’t sell yourself short.  The wisdom most retirees have gathered in simply surviving to this point in their life can be a valuable resource for others as long as they don’t push their thoughts and values on other people.  I envision being more of the wise person people seek out and I hope someday I can be that for people who need help.  Maybe that’s the best of all the jobs in retirement: being a source of strength, experience and wisdom for others.  Helping other people is one of the best ways to Enjoy Retired Life! 

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