Learning to Write is a Valuable Skill
and a True Challenge

Learning to write better is a worthy goal in life that can pay handsome dividends.  You’ll learn to communicate better and, many times, that increased skill in writing can transfer to your spoken word.  And, since learning anything at any time in your life, will keep your mind sharp and challenge you to be a more well-rounded person, sharpening your writings skills is a great investment of your time and energy.  But writing is more than just learning an important skill.  For some people, there is a love for the written word – a sense of appreciation for the author who has touched their readers in a special way.  A well- constructed sentence with just the right word choice can stop you dead in your tracks.  The well-crafted argument that causes you to rethink a long-held opinion or the stirring description of a scene from nature that gets you to make vacation plans are both products of the art of writing.

While many people believe that the art writing is most likely an inborn talent, almost no one disputes that writing is a skill that can be taught and learned well enough so that the student can be turned into a master.  We’ve all read novels that held our attention where the author wasn’t considered a Jane Austen.  We’ve gazed at beautiful paintings by someone who wasn’t considered a Picasso and we all can name a favorite piece of music by someone who isn’t considered a Mozart or Chopin.  If you’re serious about learning to write, there is no reason that you cannot be good enough to not only earn praise and recognition but earn some money if that is your desire.

Learning to Write Gives You
An Even Greater Appreciation for the Written Word

Writing is a very rewarding hobby and it can give you hours of enjoyment as you work at a craft that is challenging and fulfilling.  You develop an appreciation for the written word and the works of an accomplished writer can give that same sense of wonder that you get when you see a painting or photograph that you admire.  It’s very gratifying to have someone say that they appreciated a story or article that you wrote.  It’s like the terrific golf shot that gives every amateur a reason to go back on the course again.

One of the true blessings of retirement is the time we’re all given to appreciate the finer things in life like friends and family, good dinners and conversation, fine art and great literature.  We all have the capacity for the friendship and dining experiences, but most of us don’t think we have that Norman Rockwell scene or Tom Clancy thriller in us.  Maybe you don’t but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun finding out.  Whether it’s painting or writing, each is a form of expression that can be very rewarding and the only critic that matters is you.  It’s similar to your working days – you knew when you did a job well, even when you didn’t hear it from anyone else.  There’s a sense of pride that you get when you turn out a piece of good work and writing is no exception.

Does it have to be the next best-selling novel?  Of course not.  It can be any kind of writing and, if money is not something you’ll turn down, the pieces that you write can generate a nice chunk of change because good writing is always in demand.  Content is king as the saying goes and there’s a market full of people who will pay you write articles and stories that will fill their newspapers, advertising pieces or websites.  The writer’s market is growing all the time and learning to write for a particular target audience can lead to a very lucrative payday.  More, importantly, it will give you a tremendous sense of satisfaction to create something that someone appreciates and, even better, is willing to give you money for it.

Writing can also put you in contact with other people who have the same desire.  Writer’s conferences, groups and clubs are very popular so it can add to your social network if that’s something you’re after.  You’ll be amazed at the things you have in common with your fellow writers, especially if you’re trying to make some money at this rewarding hobby.  Learning to write better will develop a skill that you’ll use everyday and it can be one of the most enjoyable activities in life.  I believe every person who gets to retirement age has a story in them and wisdom to share.  Learning to write about them in a persuasive and interesting manner will give you and your reader hours of pleasure and a new way to Enjoy Retired Life.

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