Retired Woodworkers Love What They Do

Retired woodworkers are a growing segment of the population. Take a look at the people walking up and down the wood supply aisle in any big hardware and you’ll see some very mature men and women looking over the selection and sizing up the power tools.  And, yes, you read that right – women are taking up this hobby in growing numbers.  I know because my wife is one of them!

This past Christmas certainly did not feature some of my most romantic gift selections, but they were very well received.  A workbench and a circular saw brought a smile to my wife’s face and she has used them in a little basement workshop ever since.  She had always wanted to build furniture and, after taking a course offered by our local high school, she became determined to pursue this hobby when she had the time.

Isn’t that what retirement for?  To pursue a passion or curiosity about some activity – to watch your days fly by as you work to improve your skills.  Retired woodworkers take pride in their creations and whether it’s from a kit or their own design, the enjoyment that they get to make something with their own hands gives them a sense of satisfaction that they want to experience again and again.

Retired Woodworkers Know How to Have Fun

If this hobby has ever had some appeal for you, if you ever thought that joining the corps of retired woodworker might be a career aspiration, do what my wife did about ten years before she actually retired from teaching.  She took an eight week course where she got the chance to use power tools under the guidance of an instructor and built some small pieces (like a toolbox) that she still uses today.  She greatly enjoys her new hobby.  Except the sawdust.  She’s taken to cutting the wood outside to keep the sawdust out.  It can get a little chilly in the winter but she doesn’t seem to mind.

There are many options to improve your woodworking skills in this day and age of online learning.  Almost any community for 55 and older has a club that caters to retired woodworkers and it’s not only a great way to learn but it can expand your social circles as well.  Learning new skills keeps your mind active and engaged and every new project can bring a little excitement as you near the completion point.  How satisfying would it be to have someone admire a piece of furniture in your home and be able to tell them that you made it yourself?

Retirement is a golden opportunity to finally get to do all the things you thought about but didn’t have the time to pursue.  There’s no end to what awaits you and you can explore almost anything that comes to mind.  You’ll be surprised at how much fun you have, and you’ll enjoy making new friends and experiencing new things.  It’s time to Enjoy Retired Life!

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