Choosing The Right Retirement Advisor
Is Very Important

 Choosing the right retirement advisor is a very important decision and you should have full disclosure of any fees that are charged.  Keep in mind that the lowest fee is not always the best choice.  Many people have a 401K at work and, when they leave, they keep their money with that company or broker.  That might be a good place to begin as you start your search for a retirement advisor.

Although there is never a guarantee that an advisor will make money with your investments, some actually lower the rates they charge if the performance of the investments they manage is below a certain level.  Please take the time to talk about this with people you trust.  While this website is designed to help you enjoy retirement, we are not qualified to give financial advice.  A certified retirement advisor should be straightforward with their track record and qualifications.   While you may think of an advisory charge as an additional expense, it may very well be that a good retirement advisor can make that up quickly with the right investments.  They should also be very clear if they are making additional money from a particular investment on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a retirement advisor on how to enjoy every day of your new well-earned lifestyle, we hope you visit this website often.  We are always trying to share ideas with people on how to make the most of their retirement years.  Whether it’s taking the time to travel or start new hobbies or get re-acquainted with old interests, we like to think we have put together some interesting ideas for you to consider.

We Would Love To Be Your Retirement Advisor On How To Fully Enjoy Retired Life

We’d be very pleased if you considered us as your retirement advisor of finding the fun and excitement in your golden years.  There is more information and more possibilities than ever before and they’re just waiting to be discovered.  Retirement is no longer life in a rocking chair.  It could be diving for treasure off one of the islands, playing golf every day with friends or finally getting around to writing that book you’ve always dreamed about. 

Retirement is meant to be savored and enjoyed.  Leaving Corporate America to join the ranks of the retired was one of the happiest days of my life.  I enjoy my morning coffee now with no meetings or phone calls.  I eat lunch every day in a relaxed frame of mind and, in the afternoon, I don’t bring any work home with me.  There are no phone calls to disturb my dinner and there’s nothing to worry about as I get ready for bed each evening.  I have become determined to become my own retirement advisor and find new ways to Enjoy Retired Life and I invite you to do the same.

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