Retirement Jobs Are Very Popular

Many people find retirement jobs and ideal way to fill the seeming endless idle time they have on their hands while many are attracted to the extra income those jobs bring in.  If your retirement income is not everything you’d like it to be, it’s hard to argue that a retirement job may not be exactly what you’re looking for.  The question is, what kind of jobs should you look for and what’s your prime objective?

If you’re trying to maximize your income, your retirement job may be your old job – just less of it!  Consider working part-time at what you used to do.  Surprisingly, many employers are quite open to that, especially if you were a valued employee.  Many employ individuals who would otherwise be retired as mentors for their replacements for an interim period.  Quite often the pay is almost the same as what you were earning previously when adjusted for the number of hours worked.

If you’re like many people who retire, you might quickly cross this one off your list because you want nothing to do with your old job or place of employment.  So, what other types of jobs should you consider?  As we have discussed elsewhere on this website, you should look back on your past dreams and ambitions and examine the possibility that there may be another career or profession that has called you in the past.  Perhaps, a painter, photographer or a quilter or some other kind of craft.  That may be a way to fulfill an artistic ambition as well as to make a little money on the side.  Or, a lot for that matter, because many skilled people have turned those talents into perfect retirement jobs or small businesses.  If you’re not sure you’re that talented but this sparks your interest, why not consider a class or training to explore this as an option?

Retirement Jobs can tap into a Forgotten Dream

You might consider a job as a salesclerk or general helper in a craft store or a gallery that features the works of local artists.  The contacts you make and the knowledge you pick up can help you as you plan out your new career.  At the very least, it should be a pleasant place for you to work and help fill the time while putting a little extra money in your pocket as well.  The social contact and an interesting environment in the field you have an interest in might be just what you’re looking for.

Do you like animals?  Consider work at a veterinarian’s office either on a volunteer basis or at a modest salary as an “assistant” who is willing to clean up and help organize the activities of the office.  Or become a pet sitter or dog walker in your neighborhood.  There are many people who do very well as a professional dog walker and their full calendars yield a tidy sum of money at the end of the month.

Are there any Local Businesses
That Interest You?

We know someone who lives near a winery and started volunteering on weekends because his love of the wine making process.  That turned into some very nice discounts and opened up some very nice contacts when he visits wineries on his travels.  While he’s never gotten paid for his work at the winery, he wrote some articles that did earn him a couple of nice paychecks.  You never know what can happen when you put your name out there and start to make some important contacts.

You might consider being a professional driver or courier and run errands for the local people in your community or even the small businesses in your town.  It’s amazing how just one job can lead to a steady stream of work.  Small businesses will pay a premium to someone who punctual and trustworthy and can be very flexible in their working arrangements.

The best way to find good, solid employment as a retiree is to use your social network.  Let it be known that you might be interested in some type of job if the opportunity was the right one.  Many times, the best employment situations in this case are not advertised.  Retirement jobs are often unique in nature and can come about through a conversation between a business in need of an “extra hand” and someone who is willing to be flexible and is looking forward to the enjoyment of the task or the environment.  Retirement jobs may be an answer as you look to more fully Enjoy Retired Life.

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