Starting A Business Is A Challenge

Starting a business is something almost everyone considers at some point in their life.  For some, it’s the best thing they ever did in terms of financial reward and the sense of satisfaction they achieved from success.  For others, it’s a complete nightmare between the pressure they feel and, in some cases, the added financial burden from meeting a payroll.  That can change once you’re retired however and starting a business may be something you consider.  Whether it’s for the money, the challenge or just something you wanted to do, starting a business may be just what you need to make this stage of your life a little more interesting.

There’s no doubt that I became an entrepreneur retiree, if there is such a thing, when I started this website, but I didn’t necessarily do it because of a desire to start a business. I like the challenge and the creative energy it took to create something that I believe can help others make the most of this time of their life.  I don’t mind the extra money that comes in because of my efforts and I certainly enjoy writing about the subjects contained within these pages and enjoy very much the contact I have with the visitors to this site but, I didn’t set out to start a business.  To me, that always implied going to an office or a storefront and having to be there all the time.  I wanted no part of that.

As I’ve said elsewhere on this site, I really never liked working.  I didn’t like school when I was a student and I didn’t like being an employee in my working days.  I never liked people telling me what I should be doing.  I entered retirement with the idea that I could now do anything I wanted and that’s precisely what I did.  I’ve had so much fun with that concept, I couldn’t wait to tell other people about the possibilities that awaited them as they approached their golden years.  I know so many people who approached this time in their lives with a great fear of not knowing how they were going to spend their time.  This is my way of saying that there’s nothing to worry about.  The new found freedom of the retired lifestyle makes all the years of sacrifice worth every minute.

Starting A Business Was One of the
"Fun" Things I Did in Retirement

So, in a way, my desire to tell the world about the wonders of retirement led me to starting a business but, to me, it’s more like a hobby and I greatly enjoy keeping informed about all of the topics discussed on this site.  For those of you who are, indeed, curious about starting a business or creating a little extra income in retirement, my advice is to look for something that you can do online, on your own time and without substantial investment.  The two categories to keep in mind for your business is content and referrals.

You can make money from content by writing and this can form a great foundation for starting a business in your retirement.  The possibilities of making money from your writing are almost unlimited.  You can write your own books or start a website that becomes your platform for selling your content or promoting products or services of your own creation or someone else’s.  There are programs I would recommend for writing and there are companies that specialize in helping you create a presence on the internet.  If creating quality content is your objective and offering information, services or products of your own creation, the direction you want to pursue is establishing a quality website with excellent content that you control and there is one company that specializes in exactly that.

But you don't need your own products......

If you do not have your own products or services, that does not mean you can’t make money on the internet through referrals.  This is known as affiliate marketing and there is one company that does that extremely well and they offer a painless and free introductory process for you to explore.

The beauty of this type of business is that you are not worrying about it twenty-four hours a day, but you can certainly make money at any time from anyplace in the world even when you’re asleep.  It’s very exciting to have people from all over the globe visiting your website and reading the words that you wrote.  And then, when you find out they bought something you offered and there’s money sitting in your account from someone you never met or talked to, that’s when you realize that we live in a very exciting time.

Starting a business should be something every person should consider.  When you realize how easy it is to get started, how relatively low the start up costs are and how unlimited the income potential is, you start to wonder why everyone isn’t starting a business right now?  The ideal business might be just the thing you need to Enjoy Retired Life to the fullest.

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