Some Retirement Needs
That Are More Critical Than Others

As you’ve seen, if you’ve explored this website, we are all about finding ways to maximize your retirement enjoyment.  We encourage you to do that but we also caution you to take care of some priorities if you haven’t already done so.  We are not legal, medical or financial experts but, thankfully, we know some places to go that we trust completely.

If you already have a lawyer, by all means consult with them first.  They may be a very good resource as you discuss these important retirement needs. We have a personal attorney ourselves but we have also become aware of other places to go that offer first rate expertise at a more affordable rate.

For Living Wills and Last Wills we are aware of at least one resource that offers excellent advice and is very affordable.  It is also the place to go for other legal questions if you have the desire to start a business or have other legal questions.

The field of Elder Law is one of the fastest growing ones and there are questions that you may not have thought of as you approach this time of your life or know someone who is.  It is worth spending the money to get expert advice.  The money you spend now can literally save you thousands of dollars later on.  As with any transaction, do some research and know the questions you should ask.  The good news is that many legal and healthcare resources offer free consultation.

Insurance is a complex topic and can cover not only health and medical issues but taking care of your loved ones through life insurance policies.  Again, seek out expert advice.  The resources listed here are ones that we have researched but you should do your own checking as well.  In the spirit of full disclosure, one or more of the links here may result in us receiving compensation of some kind but we would not list the resource if they did not have our utmost trust.  Please let us know if you have a problem with any of the companies found here.  We are constantly evaluating our recommendations and would appreciate your feedback – both positive and negative.  Also, keep on the lookout for retirement articles on the internet or in magazines.  Many times they have very useful information and researching the author or resource mentioned can provide valuable leads for more information.

We love retirement and work hard at enjoying it to the fullest.  But there are retirement needs that are just too important to ignore and the topics found on this page should be one of your top priorities.

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