Senior Tennis Is A Great Way
To Stay Active

Senior tennis may be just what you’re looking for to stay active and make new friends.  One of the hardest things for many people as they age is giving up the activities they used to love.  If you enjoyed playing tennis in your youth, perhaps in high school or college, there is no reason to not consider it as one of your retirement sports.  While golf is probably the most popular, tennis is also a favorite although, recently, pickle ball is an up and coming contender.

It’s certainly true that you may have to make adjustments to your game.  Playing within you own age group with people of similar abilities is one way to stay competitive and add enjoyment to your time on the courts.  The social interaction can be just as important as the physical exercise.  And speaking of the physical requirements, make sure you consult a physician to make sure you’re all clear to take up senior tennis.

You may have to make some adjustments to your equipment.  A racquet that suited you in your youth may not be the best for you today.  One of the big changes is the size of the head.  Generally, a racquet with a larger head will help you hit the ball more easily.  It will also generate more power because the netting will help with a trampoline effect.  Generally, a senior tennis player should look for a head greater than 100 square inches.  Most players will agree that a larger head will contribute to greater accuracy and faster rebounds.  It may also help you hit the ball with more power and less effort.

A heavier racquet will give you more power but, possibly, less maneuverability.  This will be a function of how strong you are and your ability to control a heavier racquet.  Most racquets average about 300 grams in weight.  Anything below 285 grams (approximately) is considered a lighter racket while the heavier racquets start at about 310 grams.  One thing to keep in mind is that the weight of the racquet will help absorb the energy of each hit.  Over time, the “shock” that your body absorbs with each return of the ball will start to wear on your joints so it’s important to consider all of this when choosing a racquet. 

A well balanced racquet that you find easy to maneuver but still gives you the power and the accuracy you’re looking for will be up to each individual to decide and you really can’t make that choice without going out onto the court.  Senior tennis is a great way to increase your social network and you will find plenty of people and sports shop pros who will be very willing to provide assistance.

Senior Tennis Will Give You A Workout

Anyone who has spent some time on a court knows what a workout a tennis game can be but it’s a very exciting sport and one that will help keep you young and active.  And, as we have mentioned a few times, senior tennis is almost a world of it’s own with the people you meet.  The sport is extremely challenging and it’s one of those activities where you’ll find a little extra help can pay huge dividends on the court.  If senior tennis is something you’re serious about, investigate lessons at a pro shop or find out if any online instruction can be of help to you.  Sometimes just a little advice here and there will be exactly what you need to keep from becoming frustrated if your game isn’t where you want it to be.  Senior tennis is a wonderful pastime and one more way to Enjoy Retired Life. 

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