Winning The Lottery

Come on, admit it, you’ve fantasized about winning the lottery, right?  It’s absolutely okay because almost everyone has at one time or another.  Unless you have a gambling problem (you should get help immediately if you do) or are spending money you can’t afford to spend, the purchase of a lottery ticket is nothing to be ashamed of.  You can think of it as entertainment.

A one or two dollar purchase is no different than purchasing a movie ticket.  In fact, it may be a better bargain if the movie is a clinker, as the bad ones used to be called.  A movie keeps you occupied for a couple of hours and allows you to escape reality for an afternoon or evening.  It may give you a topic for discussion with others and may stay in your mind for a while as you digest what you saw.  The ten dollar price you might have paid can represent an absolute bargain if the movie is good and stimulated interesting conversation.  Even a bad movie can do the same thing.

Doesn’t the purchase of a lottery ticket give you that same feeling of entertainment?  After all, if really think about winning the lottery and having someone hand you a check for a million dollars or more, doesn’t it bring just a little smile on your face when you think about you’d do after winning the lottery?  Think about the people you could help and how happy you could make other people.  Fantasize about the things you would buy and the trips you would take.

You may ask what’s the benefit of that?  It will only lead to frustration when you find you have a losing ticket.  Of course, that’s one way to look at it but there’s always another perspective to consider.  There is a group of people who are convinced that if you form an image of something in your mind you will attract it into your life.  Can you attract winning the lottery?  No, but if you focus on what you desire and keep imagining they will appear in your life, quite often they do.  There’s a whole school of thought on this but suffice it to say, at a minimum, imagining yourself in a world of luxury can be very enlightening and entertaining.  It may even help you define long lost dreams that you had forgotten about and help prioritize things in your life.

Winning The Lottery May Be Your Dream

Winning the lottery will not solve all your problems and past winners have met all kinds of trouble after their check was cashed but, quite often, those people did not know how to deal with money or manage their household budget to begin with.  Hopefully, that is not you.  The main takeaway here is that imagining yourself winning the lottery is not, by itself, a bad thing to do.  While there are actually people who have won multiple times and claim they know a secret, we regard winning the lottery and fantasizing about as a nice form of entertainment that costs surprisingly little.  A new chance to do it appears every week and the amounts of the prizes can be absolutely staggering.  I was a friend of a man who helped start a business and became a multi-millionaire who ended up buying a horse farm and sailing around the world in a custom-built yacht.  You know what, when the prize got up into the hundreds of millions of dollars, he would stop and buy a ticket.  “Someone’s got to win” he would say and he was right.  Winning the lottery or the dreams that come with it can be one more way to Enjoy Retired Life.


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