Explore Experience Embrace Retirement

Explore Experience Embrace Retirement.  That is a motto to live by.  I know I’m different from most people in that I could not wait to retire.  From my first working days, I thought about the time in my life when I wouldn’t have to work.  Even when I was in my thirties, I felt sorry for people who reached their retirement years and were bored.  I couldn’t believe anyone could be bored when they didn’t have the obligation of going to work.  It was the same with school.  I was amazed to see how happy some kids were on the first day of school because they were bored during the summer.  I came to realize that there are some people who do better when their day is full of tasks and lists even if that to-do list was created by someone else.  But I was never one of those people.

Explore Experience Embrace Retirement.  I regard that as a challenge and this website was designed to provide solutions for those people who are uncomfortable with so much free time on their hands.  The first part of that motto is probably the most important: explore.  The prospective retiree should explore all the options that face them and, most importantly, explore themselves fully.  They should take the time to know themselves, perhaps for the first time.  What interests and passions excite them?  What are the things that they always had a desire to do?  Where have they always wanted to go?  These questions may apply to you or to someone you know but, in exploring the options that retirement provides you with, you should have some idea of what the possibilities are.  The exploration stage may be the final years leading up to retirement or, in my case, from my first day of work.  I knew the tasks my manager wanted me to do, but what were the things I dreamed about doing during my working days.  I tried to do as many as I could during my time off and there were certain activities that I particularly enjoyed.  Some of them surprised me.  Writing, for example, became an activity that gave me great satisfaction.  After writing many presentations at work and dreading the next memo that got assigned to me, I found that writing on my own terms was very enjoyable.  The same goes for reading and goes back to my high school days.  I couldn’t stand some of the reading assignments but now, when I have total control over my what I choose to read, I look forward to the chance to research a new subject and learn all I can about a subject when I am the one who chooses the book and it’s in a subject that I have an interest in.  I think the “explore” stage is very important.

Golf Can Be Your Job

Explore Experience Embrace Retirement
These Are Words To Live By

Explore Experience Embrace Retirement.  The reality is that when you fully experience something you had identified in your exploration stage, it may not be everything you thought it would be.  That’s the importance of the “experience” stage.  Don’t be disappointed when something doesn’t quite work out the way you thought and, as the saying goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.  Many of my friends thought playing golf full time would be the answer to all their problems.  Without a fuller portfolio of activities to explore, they have found they’re not playing golf as much as they thought or enjoying it as much as they had anticipated.  Inevitably, boredom sets in, and they start to think that retirement isn’t as good as they thought it would be. The same thing can happen with traveling, believe it or not.  There are actually people who ask how many cruises can you go on?  How many times can you get away to the same place for the winter? That brings us to what might be the most important aspect of this retirement philosophy.

The Sphinx

Explore Experience Embrace Retirement.  Embracing retirement in every way is extremely important.  Being appreciative for every day that you have can make a huge difference to your outlook on life.  I learned very early that the world exists in your thoughts and your mind and the way you look at a situation determines how happy and successful you’re going to be.  There are people who are fighting loneliness and depression and that can cloud any retirement. My advice to everyone is to embrace retirement, no matter what your circumstances.  Make the most of everything that you have in life.  Lack of money is not a reason that you can’t enjoy what the world has to offer.  You may not be able to travel around the world, but you can experience much of what the world has to offer in your own backyard.  If your desires are strong enough, you can even find a way to live your dream.  For example, there are people right now who are living in a foreign country teaching English as a second language and their compensation is giving them enough money to rent an apartment.  There are some retirees who are making money from their photography to pay for their travel.  If there is something you’ve always dreamed of doing, embrace that dream and use it as an inspiration to make it happen.  Embrace retirement and be grateful you’ve reached this age in life.  It’s tragic how many family members and friends were not as lucky as I am.  It makes me all the more determined to Enjoy Retired Life.

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