Your Retirement Planning
Can Help in Many Ways

When people hear the words Retirement Planning, most people think of the financial aspects of this period in your life.  And while there are many experts and resources to help you prepare financially for this post-work existence, there are fewer places you can go to help you prepare for this new lifestyle to fully Enjoy Retired Life.  We try to change that here.  Throughout this website, we offer suggestions on how to get the most out of this time in your life.  It’s what you’ve worked and saved for and we believe it’s time to Enjoy Retired Life to the fullest.  Whether you’ve been fortunate enough to experience early retirement or have been retired for a couple of years and wondering why the days seem to drag, this website will try to add some excitement to your life by letting you see all the possibilities that exist if you just do a little planning and research.

Trust me, retirement planning can be fun.  It’s a time to explore the real you – the person who’s made it through life and arrived at the finish line of your working career and ready to start on your way to having some real fun.  There’s no one except you who’s going to tell you what to do.  No project updates to write, no conference calls and no more e-mails telling you about a problem you had nothing to do with creating, but now had to fix.  That last sentence describes my perception of my work experience and maybe there’s something you can identify with in those sentiments.  If you haven’t gotten the idea yet, I was not too fond of working for a living.  I worked hard and did my job as well as I could, but I never really looked forward to going to work.  I fully admit that was my own doing.  I wish I had had a better idea of what I wanted to do in my working career, but I never did.  I was determined to change that in my retirement, and I have.  To me, retirement has been something that lived up to all my expectations.  I love the freedom of waking up with no alarm clock and no thirty-mile commute, but also realize that I need to face each day with a purpose or what I call a retirement mindset.

Retirement is like being set free

Business trips are a thing of the past and whatever research I do is the result of my own curiosity.  Places that I could only imagine going to are now fair game because my time is my own.  Surprisingly, that’s the problem a lot of people have about retirement: their time is truly their own.  It’s a little bit uncomfortable for some people not to have someone tell them what to do and, when given the choice of how to spend their day, they’re a little bit lost.  If that describes you, have no fear.  I think you’ve come to the right place.  It’s the whole reason behind this website.  I was so liberated by the sheer ecstasy of retirement, I could not believe that my reaction wasn’t a universal experience.  I met a lot of people who loved it just as much as I did, but I also met a surprising percentage of people who wished they could be back at work.  I happen to think that this could have been avoided very easily and that it’s never too late to take steps to remedy that situation.  It all starts with a little retirement planning but not the kind you so often hear about.  You want to fully explore the possibilities!

This kind of Retirement Planning
is a little bit different

The retirement planning I have in mind is about spending your time and customizing your activities to fulfill those long-lost desires and fantasies that go back ten or twenty years or more – maybe even back to your time in school.  You need to explore all of the possibilities! You see, I think everyone has hidden passion or desire that they want to explore.  Perhaps it’s a place you want to go, a subject you want to learn more about or a skill you want to develop.  And, in most cases, there’s still time to do it.  The fact that you retired from work does not have to mean that you retired from life.

Our type of retirement planning is about enjoying life to the fullest, no matter what your financial condition is.  The variety of experiences that you can have, the number of subjects you can develop an interest in and the world of travel (virtual or real) that is opened up by the internet is truly phenomenal.  And the cost of enjoyment can be surprisingly low.  We live in an amazing world in an extraordinary time.  Yes, I’m well aware of all the challenges and all the constraints and difficulties but every one of those obstacles creates an opportunity if you know where to look.  This website is designed to help you to know where to look.  We’ll help you with a different kind of retirement planning and help you Enjoy Retired Life.

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